Shake Me


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Shake me is a simple game in the genre of Bop-It. The game will give you five instructions - Flip, Slide, Push, Pinch and Shake.

Flip - Change the top switch control from off to on, or from off to on
Pinch - Pinch the middle of the screen as if you were zooming out.
Slide - Slide the sliding control from left to right or from right to left.
Push - Push the Home button in the picture of the iPhone (not the actual home button as you will quit).
Shake - Shake the iPhone.

The idea is to do the action as quickly as possible before the next instruction is given. If you do not do the action in time, or you do the wrong action, the game is over and the number of consecutive action is your final score. The instructions start off slowly but quickly speed up. The object is to do as many actions as possible without making a mistake and beat your previous high score.

You can play on your own or with a group. In group play an extra instruction of "Pass" is added so you can pass the iPhone/iPod Touch to the next player to complete the actons. It is the player who makes a mistake who loses.

Finally you can turn off the voice instruction and just have the action sound played. You have to remember the action sound and do the correct action. If you do it right, the sound is repeated to confirm you did it correctly and the next action sound is played.

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