Bunker Run

The object of the game is to get a van to the enemy base to destroy it. To do this you need to fly your helicopter to transport soldiers to the front line, fire missiles at the enemy helicopter, drop bombs on the enemy vehicles and destroy the enemy bunkers and barrage balloons. Order tanks, missile launchers, vans, soldiers and engineers to move towards and destroy the enemy.

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For Intel and PowerMacs using Mac OS X 10.3.9 and later. (1.8MB)

Minimum System Requirements

At the top of the screen is a radar so you can see where your enemy is. When an enemy van gets close, it will jam your radar and it will turn white. The grey square shows your current view. The vertical red line shows how far forward your men have advanced. The fast moving red square is the enemy helicopter and the blue square is your helicopter.

Below the radar is a status bar showing how many helicopters you have remaining, how much fuel you have, how many soldiers are on board your helicopter, and how many missiles, bombs and bullets you have remaining. When the fuel gauge goes red get back to your base as fast as possible to refuel before you fall out of the sky. The final value is how much money you have to pay for new equipment. You receive extra money the further you advance towards the enemy.

Helicopters: $100,000
Tanks: $15,000
Missile Launchers: $12,000
Vans: $10,000
Soliders: $2,000
Engineers: $5,000

Click on the buttons at the bottom of the screen to buy vehicles. Extra helicopters will be automatically purchased when you reach $250,000.

Tanks are the most powerful and damage resistant but 2 bombs will destroy a tank
Missile Launchers will automatically fire their missiles at approaching enemy helicopters. Two missiles and a bullet will destroy a helicopter but two missiles will cause the enemy helicopter to run for home.

Vans have radar jamming equipment and can destroy the enemy base

Soldiers will take over bunkers and raise a barrage balloon to try and protect the skies from the enemy helicopter. Two soldiers in a bunker will fire on approaching enemy vehicles. When the barrage balloon is destroyed, the soldiers will leave the bunker and move onto the next one. 10 bombs will destroy a bunker. Missiles will damage them but bullets have no effect.

Flying into an enemy barrage balloon will destroy a helicopter. Flying into the balloon tether will severly damage it. When you see smoke coming out of your helicopter, head back to your home base to repair your helicopter on the heli-pad. Also, while on your heli-pad, you can re-fuel and re-arm.

Engineers are only useful in later levels to repair and take over damaged anti-aircraft guns. They can be picked up by a helicopter and dropped near a damaged AA gun. Damaged enemy guns can be used by your engineers to fire on the enemy helicopters.

As the levels increase the length of the battlefield will increase making it more difficult to get your helicopter there and back with the fuel on board. It also means that it takes longer for your convoys to reach their target making them easier to destroy.

iPhone/iPod Controls

To fly your helicopter, tilt the iPhone/iPod Touch in the direction you want to move in. Alternatively you can use two fingers together to control the height and speed.
To turn your helicopter, swipe you finger in the direction you want to face.
To fire missiles swipe your finger in the direction that the helicopter is traveling.
To drop bombs swipe your finger downwards or tap below the helicopter.
To fire your gun, tap your finger to the right or the left of the helicopter.
To drop the soldiers on board, tap on or above the helicopter. Soldiers will parachute to the ground. If you drop them too low and their parachutes do not open they will die. Alternatively you can let them out when the helicopter is on the ground by tapping on the helicopter.
Tap with three fingers to pause the game.

Macintosh Controls:

Use your mouse to fly the helicopter. The helicopter will fly towards the direction of the mouse. If you have a laptop you may also turn on Use Tilt from the File menu and you can fly by tilting your laptop in the direction you want to fly in.

Tab: Fire Missile
Space, A or F: Fire Gun
B or Q: Bomb
T: Tank
M: Missile Launcher
V: Van
S or I: Solidier / Infantry
E: Engineer
D: Drop Soldiers from helicopter
<: Turn helicopter left
>: Turn helicopter right
Left Arrow: Fly left
Right Arrow: Fly right
Up Arrow: Fly higher
Down Arrow: Fly lower
P: Pause

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