Flash Cards

Flash Cards is a simple reading or spelling tutor for beginners. It allows you to open a text file, or create new text files, which can then be presented as 'flash cards' for the pupil to read or spell. After the pupil has read or spelt the word, it will be spoken back and optionally sorted into correct and incorrect words. These incorrect words can be read or spelt again later.

Available in French with many thanks to Olivier Metter

Minimum System Requirements

Download Universal version

For Intel and PowerMacs using Mac OS X 10.3 and later. (365K)

Download Carbon version

For PowerMacs using Mac OS X or Mac OS 8.6 and later (requires CarbonLib). (152K)

Download Classic version

For PowerMacs using Mac OS 8.0 and later. (148K)

Download 68K version

For older 680x0 Macs using Mac OS 7.1 and later. (160K)

To contact Fleet Software, download one of the software applications and select 'Email' from the File menu.
I can not put a direct link to the email on this web site as I have suffered hundreds of SPAM a day by doing this in the past.
Hint: it is Landsbert followed by an @ followed by dsl.pipex.com

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Also visit macetcolle.free.fr for applications for young children (mostly French but some in English)