PuzzleMaze is a Labyrinth type game with a difference. It is not just a matter to rolling the ball towards a goal but you have to move the maze pieces around to create a path to the end.
Move the maze pieces left or right, up or down to create a path to the finish. You may not move the final row or the final column as otherwise that would move the end hole.
Green holes are tunnels that lead to other tunnels as exits. Once they have been used they will turn into blockers. Tunnels and blockers can not be moved and so you may not move any row or column that contains a blocker or tunnel. You may also not move any row or column where the ball is located as otherwise you could just move the ball to the end hole too easily.
You have to collect all the gems before you can exit the level.

If you have a new MacBook or MacBook Pro, you can use the built in accelerometer to control the ball by tilting your laptop on your knees. If you only have a desktop Mac, then you can drag the ball with your mouse.

Minimum System Requirements

Try iPhone/iPod Touch Lite version for free at iTunes Store

Buy iPhone/iPod Touch version at iTunes Store

Purchase a Keycode for Macintosh version

Download Stuffit version for Macintosh (3.4Mb)

Download Zip version for Macintosh (3.6Mb)

To contact Fleet Software, download one of the software applications and select 'Email' from the File menu.
I can not put a direct link to the email on this web site as I have suffered hundreds of SPAM a day by doing this in the past.
Hint: it is Landsbert followed by an @ followed by dsl.pipex.com

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