Trash Locked Files

I wrote Trash Lock Files because I was fed up in Mac OS X with not being able to delete many locked files in my trash can without having to unlock them all first. Unlike Mac OS 9 where you could hold the option key down while emptying the trash, this does not work on Mac OS X (as of 10.2.3). Trash Lock Files will unlock all the files in the trash and then send an AppleEvent to the Finder to empty the trash. You can also use Trash Lock Files to unlock all files within a folder you select.

I suggest you put a copy of Trash Lock Files on your desktop so that you can double click it when you get into this situation.

Minimum System Requirements

Download Universal version

For Intel and PowerMacs using Mac OS X 10.3 and later. (304K)

Download Carbon version

For PowerMacs using Mac OS X or Mac OS 8.5 and later (requires CarbonLib). (132K)

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